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2020 Raider Football Fall Fundraiser

Raider Nation,

We are starting our fall fundraiser today! Please support our boys and our football program. All of the money goes directly to the program in providing equipment, meals and fieldhouse upgrades. 

  • Due to covid, only sell to the people you are around or to people you know by calling or using the internet. Try to make sales on-line as much as possible. Don’t go “door to door” and sell. We can mail the cards or give the cards to the athletes to deliver.

  • You can purchase cards online via, Twitter, or Facebook. Make sure you put the name and team of the athlete to be counted for the sale.

  • We are asking everyone to try and sell a minimum of 5 cards each.

  • If every kid in our program sells 5 cards we will hit our goal of $25,000.

  • Donations are Accepted. You can use the form to donate to the program also. They will fill the form out and choose the amount they want to donate. $100 in donations equals your 5 cards sold.

  • We will have a card distribution and money turn-in table everyday for the next two weeks.  The fundraiser is over on October 1st, 2020.

  • If you did not receive cards or have any questions please come see or email Coach Gott (

  • Prizes:

5 Cards Sold = Free Card

10 Cards Sold = $20

20 Cards Sold = $50

30 Cards Sold = $50

  • Prizes are cumulative, thus if you sell 30 cards you get $120 cash and a free card.

Coming Soon!!! - Venmo Instructions

Thank you for your support!

Ryan Raider Coaches


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