Baseline Impact Testing for 2020-21

Freshmen and Junior athletes need to take a Baseline Impact Test.  Here are the instructions to take the test remotely.  Remember, this test does not determine if you’ve had a concussion, it simply helps the doctor make the best decision regarding your health, safety, and return to play following a concussion.  Please eliminate all distractions prior to starting the test.  Also, please be sure to select Ryan High School and complete the “Enter Additional Demographics” section.  No need to print or email the certificate when you finish the test.  It will automatically go in our database.  Unfortunately, you cannot take the test on a mobile device.  Email Coach Leidner ( or Coach Davidson ( with any questions.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter code: JMGG46676W

  3. Select their high school

  4. Complete the baseline test as instructed.